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International Car Shipping Services

International car shipping services can be a godsend if you are relocating to a different country and need to take your vehicle with you. International car transport companies that specialize in shipping cars overseas will ensure that all the correct paperwork is in place and that your vehicle is properly prepared for making the move. You can compare auto shipping quotes from several overseas car shipping companies and save at! Of course, some people believe that international car shipping is a process that can be done by themselves, simply by renting a shipping container and reserving a spot on a container ship. The truth is that international auto transport is actually a complex process, and unless you know what you're doing, you can end up with a hefty bill to rectify many issues. What is so complicated about international auto shipping? Well, the problem is that many countries have stringent entry requirements for vehicles. That means you need to make sure that all the correct paperwork is in order before leaving your originating country, otherwise your vehicle may be forbidden entry. International moves can turn sour if the paperwork is incorrectly completed or something has been over looked.

Top Places to Ship

If you're looking to ship your car internationally outside the US, investigating the culture, features, and import requirements of prospective countries is an important step before deciding on a permanent or semi-permanent relocation. The following countries offer some of the best living environments and job opportunities of any in the world.

International Shipping Resources

Why Use International Car Shipping Companies?

International car shipping companies have experience in shipping cars all over the world. That means they are familiar with the overseas car shipping process ann the different legislation and paperwork required for shipping a car overseas. Some international auto transport companies could possibly use a combination of transport routes for shipping a car to your destination and might take far more time. Be sure to ask if they will ship your car door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal. Some international shipping companies will only deliver to terminals in major cities or ports and you're expected to go there and pick up your car. Most moving companies offer a basic car shipping insurance plan package and some could possibly offer a greater premium for extra coverage depending on the logistics and value of your vehicle.

What to Expect When Shipping a Car Overseas

Car transporters will do simple things, such as ensuring that all oils are drained and the batteries are disconnected, to arranging the necessary fumigation and cleaning prior to car shipping. Professional auto transporters are able to provide these car shipping services so that you don't incur penalties and fees upon your arrival. International car shipping companies know how to correctly secure your vehicle so that it arrives safely at its destination in one piece. Finding an international auto shipping company is easy, you simply need to fill out the form on this site and get free comparison quotes. Once you find a company you like, you can organize your international car shipping service!

International Car Shipping: Real Life Story

"I am a car enthusiast with many different classic cars, and my wife is an Australian. We decided after twenty years in the USA that we would like to move to Australia to live out our later years in a warmer climate. My main issue with the move was my cars, as I knew they were very expensive in Australia and I certainly did not want to give up my collection. That was when my wife suggested that we investigate using an auto shipping company to relocate my cars to Australia. I had never really thought about auto shipping as my vehicles were always driven everywhere that we needed to go, but my wife assured me that many different people do this and if I could relocate my cars, it would be far better than buying others down under. To start the process, I decided to contact some auto shipping companies to find out what would be required to relocate my cars. I soon found out that international moves are not something that every business deals with and so I would have to use a company that specialized in international relocations, and it would be even better if I could find one with experience of moving to Australia. I was advised that the customs procedures in different countries can vary and by using a professional company they would ensure that all my paperwork was in order and my car was in the correct condition to comply with entry to the country. I never realized any of this previously and had thought that it would have been simply the case of booking a boat to relocate my cars. The auto shipping company that I chose were experts in international moves and ensured that all the correct fumigation was undertaken, as well as cleaning my cars and getting the paperwork in order. I was told that if this had not been done, my cars would have been turned round and sent back to the USa, or even worse, crushed. In the end, relocating my cars to Australia was incredibly easy because I used a company that had experience in making the move and were able to guide me every step of the way. It only took one month for the move to be completed and the auto shipping company even arranged for them to be delivered to my new home without any inconvenience to me or my wife." Posted by: Crawford M. - Dunsborough, AU