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Read the auto transport reviews below to learn about experiences our customers have had when shipping a car. It's a good idea to read car shipping reviews to help you decide which car transport services are best for your move. Please peruse the car transport reviews we have received from clients about their auto shipping experience.
"I was very surprised with what a professional car shipping service this was. At first I thought that the price would mean that I would have had to compromise on service, but that certainly wasn't the case. Your staff and your vehicles could not have been better and I am happy to say that my own car arrived safely in Albuquerque. I'll be using you again when I next make a big move. My friend Billy told me to check you out when I bought a car on eBay. I did do a bit of shopping around but no one else could beat your price for auto transport. I spoke to the seller and told them what would be happening, and he was happy to speak to your guys to make collection arrangements. I was worried that since I didn't get the chance to see the car in person that if there was any damage that happened during transit, then you would just pretend it was already there. I shouldn't have worried, everything was fine. With the cost of car shipping and the price I paid for the car, I still saved a load on my local dealers price. couldn't be happier. Id never used a car shipping service before, but I was really put to ease by your staff who answered all my questions when I made the booking. Everyone was extremely polite and they bent over backwards to meet my needs. My first auto transport experience was all I could have hoped for. We have been using your auto transport business for years and keep coming back as you constantly achieve the high standards that you promise. We have never has an issue with any of the cars that we have shipped. As always, please accept our commendations for providing a high level of service and a standard that works perfectly with our own business philosophy." Posted by: Tiffany B. - Albuquerque, NM  
"I just wanted to say that you for the car carrier service that you provided for us last month. My vehicle arrived safely in Savannah and I was able to start work on time thanks to using your service. I certainly wouldn't hesitate to use auto movers again to make my move. My son used your car carrier service after college and we recently needed to relocate our own car to our holiday home in Florida. Your service was extremely prompt and the professionals who collected our car were very pleasant and made sure that they loaded onto the truck carefully. We arrived in Florida the day before our car, and again the delivery was smooth and we were glad to see that everything arrived in one piece. Thank you very much to auto movers. Auto movers were an absolute savior when our usual car carrier let us down to move our car to a show in California. As it turns out, our car won that show and we were then offered a price that was too good to refuse so making the move turned out great for us. As seasoned customers of a car carrier service I can truly say that what you offered us was far superior and the equipment that turned up to collect the vehicle was in perfect condition. Your staff were so incredibly knowledgeable and even although our car is rare, they showed that they had experience in using the gentle touch to put our minds at ease. Anyway, I just wanted to say that Im glad we found you and when we get our next collector car, you will be the first car carrier that we use to move a car." Posted by: Perry W. - Savannah, GA  
"My name is David and I used a car shipping company to move my car from my home in South Dakota to my new home in Florida. I could have driven the journey, but I decided that in winter I didn't want to drive across the colder states and so I thought that finding a car transport company to do the work for me would be best. I couldn't be more pleased with the results thats I was given. My car was collected as discussed, and then it was loaded onto a truck. I was given paperwork to show that everything was in order, and then the next time I saw my vehicle it was being delivered to me in Florida. I couldn't hesitate in recommending this car shipping company to others in the same position. We used a car shipping company to move our two vehicles from upstate New York to Orlando for an extended vacation. Using car transport worked out to be far cheaper than a car rental would have been and we were very happy that we chose that service. The people were very friendly and recommended the best service for our circumstances, and also provided us great cost comparisons for car shipping services. I was surprised just how professional they were, and how useful the information was that they provided. This is definitely that car transport company I would recommend I found this car transport company via a car shipping broker, and I had never previously seen their advertising. I was glad to say that not only did they give me the best price that I could have hoped for my move, they also provided service that was above and beyond. There is nothing that I can fault about the service. If there is anyone looking for a car transport firm, then I can highly recommend them, and I would also use them again if I ever have any future requirement for this sort of service. This car shipping experience was one of the best experiences in customer service that I have had in a very long time." Posted by: Gabby V. - Miami, FL  
"I used a car shipping company to move my car from Alberta to New York State where I was starting a new job. Although I was happy with the service that they provided, I didn't realize the amount of time that it would actually take to move my car which meant that I was without my vehicle for about a week. Next time, I will plan more effectively, but overall I was happy with the transport companies service. When I needed, at the last minute, to go and visit my ailing mother in Ohio, I used a car shipping company to take my every day drive to her home so that I could fly there and arrive immediately. I was so happy with the service that they offered, and I was also incredibly pleased with the low price that it cost. In fact, I would have spent more on gas if I had driven myself. I certainly would recommend that others use the services of transport companies if they need to move vehicles to different places. I have used car shipping companies all my life, as I am involved with car racing and sometimes it is easier for me to use someone elses services rather than move a car myself. I have always been happy with the service that I have received, especially as my vehicle is specialized and I worry that damage may occur. The transport companies that I have used always take care of my car and t always arrives in time for my race. When my father died I needed to move his 1956 Chevy from his barn. Although we only live a hundred miles away, it hadn't been driven for a while and I was reluctant to make the trip. SO we found some transport companies and used them to take care of the car shipping so that we could organize everything else that needed doing. The car arrived safely, quickly and in one piece. It was so convenient using this service and I would certainly recommend it to anyone who is in the same position as us and needs to move a car whether it be over short or long distance." Posted by: Raphael A. - Albany, NY  
"I found out about car transport when I was looking for a way to get my car from Miami back to Aspen for the winter. I didn't want to drive the long haul, so my good friend suggested that an auto transport service would be a good way to move my car. I was surprised how easy the whole process was, they were happy to answer all my questions and give me the information I needed. Next summer, I will be using a car transport service for the reverse leg of the journey. My elderly mother wanted to give me her car, but my schedule didn't give me the time I needed to drove back from Boston to Sacramento. So I looked into car transport companies and they were able to provide me with the exact service that I needed to use. Everything went so simply, and my mothers wishes were met without me wasting my holiday time driving. I got to spend longer with my mother thanks to the use of auto transport. Ive been using car transport services for many years. As a collector of motor vehicles, I find this the easiest way to relocate my finds. Although I have had a few incidents through the years whereby some vehicles have had minor stone chips, they have always been repaired without any inconvenience to me. I will continue to use auto transport services as long as I am a car collector. We used an auto transport service when we were moving house due to a relocation through a job. The company paid for the bill, but it was up to us to arrange the car transport and deal with the company. They were very professional, collected and delivered the vehicle within the set time frame and also gave us updates along the way." Posted by: Becky S. - Orlando, FL  
"Auto transport may not be the first service you think of in an emergency situation but it certainly can be useful if you are having problems relocating a vehicle. My experience with auto transport began because I had a slipped disk while on a driving vacation hundreds of miles away from home. Unfortunately relocating a vehicle was not a priority for my medical insurance and while I could get home ok, without an auto transport solution my car would be stranded far from home. I am thankful to my sister in law who suggested that using an auto transport service would be the best solution. She put me in touch with a local firm and I talked to them about relocating a vehicle. The auto transport company were very accommodating and couldn't have been more helpful in my situation. There was no way I could drive home, and my family couldn't make the journey alone. My medical insurance arranged for us to fly back home, and the auto transport company took care of my car. I was really pleased with the speed that everything happened, and in fact, they even stored my car securely while the car transport truck arrived. Using an auto transport company took all the stress out of my situation, and while relocating a vehicle may not be a typical emergency situation, when you are in need of this sort of service it is a godsend to know that auto transport companies are available to help you out." Posted by: Maurice D. - Las Vegas, NV  
"My mother decided that she wanted to move to Florida to be near her sister, but the drive from Colorado was too far and so we investigated other options as to how she could easily make the move and take her belongings with her. It turned out that the hardest part was moving a car because she didn't want to drive and we were unsure what to do. That was when my brother mentioned that we should look into auto transport services. I did some research online and found that there were some good companies who would be able to make moving a car an affordable and easy option. So my mother packed her belongings into a truck and caught a flight to Tampa, while I arranged for her car to be loaded onto an auto transport truck. The company were friendly and efficient, and the whole process took less than five days. When the car arrived in Tampa, my mother was there to meet the auto transport truck and sign for the collection of the vehicle. She was so happy that she hadn't had to drive on unfamiliar roads and said that the moving a car this way had helped her make the decision to go ahead with the move. The company was friendly and efficient and we got great value for money. My mother is now mobile with her own car and its all thanks to using an auto transport service. I shall certainly recommend this form of moving a car to others." Posted by: Gary A. - Tallahassee, FL  
"My friend Barb decided that she was unhappy with her life in Texas and she wanted to move New England to experience the fall colors and have a life beside the sea. While her dreams fell into place she realized that she would need to find an auto transporter as the romance of New England was a different story to the long drive. Barb didn't have many belongings, but her car was reliable and didn't cost her too much, so she didn't want to sell and be without it. Self drive car moving was too daunting, and there had been some ads for auto transporter companies in her local paper. Barb found out the hard way that there are lots of differences between these companies. The prices were wildly different and she didn't really understand the car moving terms they were talking about. Luckily, she rang one company that was friendly and helpful and explained everything in full. This auto transporter also happened to give her the best deal, and she realized that she needed an open transport trailer and was happy to be flexible with dates and time. As Barb made her big move, the car moving company came to collect her car and set it on its journey. It took just over a week for the auto transporter to roll into her sleepy seaside town, but she was over the moon that her car arrived safely and she had saved herself money. Using this service was the right choice for Barb, and it might be the right choice for you too." Posted by: Jenny F. - Concord, NH  
"I dont know about you, but I am quite pedantic about my vehicle. Even although its nothing special, it holds lots of personal memories and so when I needed to move, I knew that I needed to use a safe car transport company as I certainly would not have been happy with just any car carriers taking my vehicle and causing any sort of damage. So my first port of call was online, where I decided to do some research about car carriers in the local area and discover who it was that people were recommending and which provided safe car transport. I was shocked to find that there were many complaints against some of the bigger companies who had appeared to be professional outfits. Of course, I took this all with a pinch of salt, but some of the negative reviews that I found seemed to be fairly realistic. It was then that I thought I would ask around my friends to find out if any of them had used car carriers to move vehicles at any point. I was amazed to find out that even although my friends hadn't directly used this service, they were happy to refer me to others who had used safe car transport companies and would be able to recommend to me the best ones to use. Everyone was so incredibly friendly, and I was grateful of the advice that they gave me in relation to my questions. When I then looked back on the internet about the car carriers my acquaintances had suggested, I found that people were happy with their service, and that although there had been some incidents, these were to be expected and so I decided to make the call to these car carriers to get pricing to move my car. I was very happy with the prices that they game back to me with and so I decided to ask a few more questions and get some written quotes so that I could decide which of these businesses would be the best for me to use. Once I had written quotes, I was able to compare what was on offer and could decide which of these safe car transport companies that I could use for my move. I was very happy with the outcome of this and my car arrived safely at its destination on time and without any incidents." Posted by: Benny J. - Cincinnati, OH  
"When I realized that I needed to use a car transport service for my personal needs the first thing that I needed to discover was how to book a shipment. I had never used car transport before and so I didn't know where to start, but I did find that there were many helpful businesses online that were able to give me the information that I needed. I lived in a small town in Ohio and so finding a car transport service that was close to me was my first task. I actually found that the easiest way to do this was to contact a large car transport agent who would be able to find the best service for me. As it turned out, the place that I wanted to book a shipment didn't advertise to the public, so if I hadn't gone through an agent, I would have been put out of my way arranging car transport. When I spoke to the agent they were very helpful, they advised me of everything that I needed to know about car transport and also the best way to start to book a shipment. In fact, once I gave them my details, they were happy to make arrangements for me to move a car. My car transport company arrived as per the schedule and I next saw my car outside my new home. For something that seemed so daunting, Im glad that I chose to use an agent to help me book a shipment as it made everything much easier." Posted by: Francine Y. - Chandler, AZ  
"I need car transport to move my car from Boston to St Louis, and so I was looking online to find out which transport services are available in my area and what I should be looking at paying for the move. The reason that I need car transport is that I dont want to drive over such a long distance, especially when I dont really know the roads and I dont have the time to drive for five days to get to my destination. I decided that a car transport company was the best option after talking to some of my friends who told me that it wasn't as expensive as I might have thought and telling me that it would be much better to move my car this way. I was really surprised how many car transport companies are out there offering all sorts of transport services. I even laughed when I heard that there are some companies where you take your car and they find someone else to drive it on your behalf, because they want a cheap way to move around the country. It was quite amazing that this is known as a transport service, but I was worried that my car might not be reliable enough, or the driver might cause some sort of damage and I would end up with a big bill, so I decided that the transport services that were right for me would definitely include the use of a real car transport company who would move my car on the back of a truck. I contacted a few different car transport places and told them what I wanted, and they told me whether it was something that they could do or not. I was surprised how accommodating that they all were and they told me that what I was looking for was definitely possible, and estimated how long the move would take to get from a to b. When I need car transport to happen, I like many people dont have much time to get it done, so it was important for me to find a company that would work with my timeframe. Many transport services were not able to do that due to their schedules so I was committed to using a company that could work with me, rather than worrying about finding who was cheapest for me to use." Posted by: Brad H. - St. Louis, MO  
"I found that using a transport truck to move my car was one of the most effective and efficient things that I have done when it came to moving house. In fact I have to be thankful for my boss suggesting it to me, as using this sort of service had not even crossed my mind, so I am grateful that my eyes were opened to just how useful this could be. Some folks will probably wonder why you would need to use a transport truck, but the truth was that with everything else that we needed to move, it was a blessing not to have to worry about this vehicle. When I rang the transport company, I was told that there were two options that were available for my move. I could either use a tractor trailer transporter, or a hot shot truck to move my car, I was told that this wasn't usually something that was an option for long drives, but because my move was relatively close, they could give me a price on that. A hot shot is the truck that they use when only one car needs to be moved, and they are able to get into tighter spaces than the bigger trucks. So I got a price for both, and it turned out that using a transport truck to move my car was the most cost effective thing to do, so thats what we did. I was really happy with that. The reason for that is that this meant my car would be moved with other vehicles at the same time, and even although the move would take a bit longer, the cost savings were considerable and I thought that was worth it for what I needed to do. That meant that the car moving company were splitting the cost of moving the cars with other people using the same service, and that made it much cheaper. The best advice I can give anyone is to call round different transport truck companies and ask them what sort of services they have made available for you. Then you can see whether or not you are happy with the prices that they are giving you and whether you think that you would want to use their service or not. Most importantly, when I decided to move my car, I set a budget that I could afford and chose a company that could meet that price." Posted by: Jacob R. - Memphis, TN  
"Relocating my vehicle was the least of my priorities when I found out that my mother was sick and I would have to move back to the mid-west to care for her. I left the city in such a hurry that I didn't even stop to think about what would happen with my possessions. As it happened, my friends rallied round storing my belongs, but I needed to use a car shipping service so that I could use my car locally to get around with my mother. A friend suggested that I contact a car shipping broker that she had used, and that I would find the best deal for relocating my vehicle by talking to them. When I called, the people at the car shipping company were extremely helpful, they were sympathetic with my situation and advised that they would definitely be able to help relocating my vehicle. Within just a few hours, I received five different quotes for car shipping simply by contacting this one broker. The information was clearly laid out so that I could see the different services and understand the cost comparisons. I would have had to relay all my information time and again if I had contacted these car shipping companies directly. As it turned out, relocating my vehicle was easy. I chose a car shipping company that suited my schedule and budget, and my car arrived promptly and safely. My life is much easier with my vehicle here, and using a car shipping broker made the whole process a breeze." Posted by: Becky R. - Omaha, NE  
"My first car transport experience was something that I never realized I would need to do, but it turned out to be one of the best decisions that I made, because it meant that it made my move so much easier than if I had driven my car to the new destination. My sister suggested to me that I use a car moving company to help with my relocation because she had previously done that and said that it made moving so much easier than she could ever had imagined. I found that difficult to understand, but now that I have made the move to using car transport, I can surely say that I would never go back to driving my car whenever I needed to do a relocation. It was so much easier than driving. When I called the car transport company, they were very helpful and informative, and they guided me in the right direction about what I would need. I asked them what was available and if there was a car transport option that would suit my budget, which I was worried about because I didn't have a lot of money, and I thought that I should maybe just pay for the gas for the move which would be cheaper. I was relieved to hear that it would cost me less to use the car transport company than it would to pay for gas. In fact, everything suited me so well that I was surprised by how easy it would all be and how I could easily coordinate my move with the dates for car moving, so that I wouldn't be without my car for too long. This meant that I was happy that I could make my move easily, without any inconvenience. The car transport company told me that I would need insurance for the move and that would be included in the cost of the car moving. The insurance meant that I was covered in the event that there was an incident during the car transport, I would not have to pay out any additional money, and my car would be repaired. I was so happy with the way that the car transport worked, that I would definitely use the service again and would recommend it to others. My move was easy and my car was returned in one piece, so everything went as I would have hoped." Posted by: Louis G. - Santa Fe, NM  
"I recently used a car shipping company because I was getting married and moving to Colorado to start a new job. Since I lived in Oregon, I wasn't keen on the long drive on boring roads so I decide to look into different options for moving a car and I found that there were lots of different services that I could use. One thing to note is that unfortunately train wasn't an option because there are no services between the two locations that I was travelling, so I had to look for alternative options. I found out that my car would have to go by road and that I would have the choice of someone driving my car for me, or alternatively it could go on a transport trailer. I contacted some different car shipping businesses and asked for some quotes for moving. I found that if I was flexible with the times and dates that I could travel it was much cheaper than if I was just to go straight ahead and tell them exactly when the car needed to be moved. What this meant was that I was without my car for a few days but it didn't matter because of the savings I made on moving a car. I found the company to be quick and professional and my car arrived safely in Colorado. I was really happy that I didn't have to drive and have kept the mileage down on my car. I would recommend auto shipping to anyone making a move." Posted by: Melissa L. - Denver, CO  
"I recently did a DIY move because I was getting married and moving to Las Vegas. My family thought that putting all our belongings in a U haul truck and towing our car behind would make the most sense, and they told me that car shipping services and furniture movers would cost much more. We live in Scottsbluff, Nevada so the journey was a few days through Colorado and Arizona, but what we never expected was how much gas we used for our DIY move. Those little U Haul trucks are expensive and suck down gas, so every day we were spending $150 on our move. That wasn't to mention how much money we spent on motels and food plus everything else that we bought on the journey. If we had accounted all of this we would have used car shipping services instead of making the drive by ourselves but we stupidly listened to bad advice from people who didn't know. When I spoke to a car shipping company about the move, they told me a very reasonable quote which would have left me to fly to Las Vegas and save a week of journey time. The journey wasn't very pleasant either as there was still snow on the roads and it rained a lot. I didn't enjoy the DIY move and wish we had done it differently. If we ever move again, just to save on gas costs I will definitely get a professional to make the move We could have had a proper vacation on arrival in Vegas too. Next time I will know better." Posted by: Jaqueline P. - Las Vegas, NV  
"My boss told me in April that I would have to move to our Denver office in July, and while my position would be the same, there were somethings that needed to be sorted out, such as moving my company car. I had never gone about relocating my car previously and so I didn't know where to start. I called our head office who advised that this was a fairly regular thing to do, and that there were businesses that they dealt with in regard to the company car and that they would be able to help me relocate my car. I was quite unsure of the whole process, and of course at the same time I was still taking care of my every day jon, so you can imagine how I was getting stressed about the whole thing. When I rang the company car people, they told me that they would need some details to pass on to the broker who would be able to arrange to relocate my car. They emailed me through a form that asked for the make and model of my car, as well as the relocation details. Of course, they would be able to take care of the rest. Probably something that was different about this instance to relocate my car, was that while my boss is very cost conscious, I didn't have to make a huge effort to get the best price, I just had to make sure that we were not getting ripped off for the service to relocate my car. I was very happy with what the company car people did, they asked me a few more questions about the move, and then the pickup day came and it was loaded on a truck. The next time that I would see the vehicle was to be in Denver, which would be in less than a week. When I arrived at our Denver office, my company car was parked in the car park waiting for me, and I couldn't have been more overjoyed about how easy the whole process had been. I thought that to relocate my car would have been an annoying process, but in fact, it was very stress free and the company that handled everything were great. I now know that if I ever have to go through this process again, I would not hesitate to use the same broker to relocate my company car." Posted by: Andrew K. - Denver, CO  
"If you are one of the many Americans who has to move for work because of the recent recession, you may be wondering whether you should use a car carrier service to move your vehicle or simply sell your car. Let me tell you from my own perspective when I had to move from Steamboat Springs to Nebraska in search of work earlier this year. Of course, moving across two states is not a big distance, but I looked at using a car carrier because I simply didn't have time to make the move any other way. I had temporary work in Colorado and was moving straight to a new job in Nebraska without any break. Driving for two days was too much to bear and I thought that maybe selling my car was the best way to go. Unfortunately, the problem with this was that making a sale would mean losing money due to low demand for used cars. That meant that I researched car carries who move your vehicle quickly for a small fee. I was surprised by how cheap it was for me to use a car carrier for my medium sized Toyota, and I was pleased that my car would be there in just two days. They told me all the things I needed to know when you move your vehicle so I was prepared when the collection day came. I chose to fly to Lincoln and the next day my car was there, it was simple and hassle free so Im glad I used a car carrier." Posted by: Maurine J. - Lincoln, NE  
"My son has just graduated college and was offered a job in Kansas City with a large construction firm, and so we decided to look into using car carriers to move his car from college so that he wouldn't have to drive. Of course, if this had been a road trip with friends, it might have been a different scenario, but we decided that since he was going alone it would be safer to find someone else to relocate the vehicle. I started out by asking my local car dealer if they used any car carriers with their business, and they were quite helpful but the problem was that everyone they usually used would only deal with businesses that were shipping multiple cars. We only had one car to move, and didn't have a business so that was a dead end street. But the good thing was that when I was talking to these car carriers they told me some of the things that I needed to look out for when we were moving his car such as being sure that the transport company had the right licenses, which I didn't know anything about, and they told me that if I felt suspicious of any car carriers I should just call the department of transport to check. I then went on the computer and looked for local car carriers to move his car from home and found out that there were thousands of results that came up. The problem was that I didn't really know where to start, so I decided to start ringing them and get quotes for the move. Every time I spoke to someone they would give me a little information that I needed and sometimes that would spur me to ask a question on the next call. For example, I never realized that not all car carriers were including insurance in their quote. And whats more, some of the so-called companies I was calling were actually going to just get someone else to drive the car to the destination, which wasn't what I wanted at all. I eventually chose a car carriers that were able to load the car onto a full size trailer and move it for a good price, including insurance. The move took less that one week and we were all very happy with the results to move his car to Kansas City." Posted by: Anna B. - Kansas City, MO  
"Auto transport was the last thing on my mind when my job was relocated from New York to San Diego. Worried about leaving friends and family and organizing furniture to be moved were the main priorities on my list. It was my father that suggested that maybe an auto transport company could ease my stress by moving my car for me. Of course, an auto transport service was something I had never before had to use. Whenever people needed to move a car, didn't they just drive it themselves? So I began by researching online to see what auto transport solutions were in my area. After I had made a list, I called the auto transport companies and asked them how they move a car. Of course, there were different services available, and the auto transport rep was happy to guide me through which solution to move a car would be best for me. I was surprised how much the quotes from these auto transport companies varied. When I called back to clarify, I found out that some quoted only to move a car, while others included insurances and extras. I learned you have to be vigilant when judging which auto transport company you are going to use. Im pleased I chose the auto transport route rather than driving my car across country. I arrived relaxed and refreshed and saved money on the cost of fuel. The auto transport company were professional and friendly, for me it was certainly the best possible way to move a car." Posted by: Lisa T. - San Diego, CA  
"When I needed to move from Miami up to Chicago for work, I wondered what the best way to go about relocating my vehicle would be. Using an auto shipping company turned out to be the best way for me to reduce stress associated with the move, as I was already worrying about moving all my belongings and finding a way to get my car to my new home was one of the last things that I wanted to be worrying about. Thats why so many people I know have started to turn to auto shipping when they have to move over any distance, long or short. I first found out about auto shipping from my boss who was assisting me with making the move to Chicago. She told me that the company would often use an auto shipping firm whenever they needed to relocate the big bosses, and while she wasn't sure if it was something they would pay for me, it would be worth investigating. Because I was relocating my vehicle of my own accord, rather than moving a company car, I thought I would look into it. The first auto shipping company that I called were quite expensive, but since I knew the service was out there, I decided to start looking online to see what could find. I was really surprised just how popular auto shipping really is, in fact there are so many people using it every day, and there are lots of companies that could assist me in relocating my vehicle. I eventually got onto an auto transport broker who was able to find me the best deal to make the move, I simply gave them details of my car and when I needed it to be in Chicago and they did the rest. In the mean time, I approached my boss and asked him if they could subsidy my move. I have to say that Im really lucky with the company that I work for, because they said that because I found the auto shipping for such a good price that they would pay the bill. I was really happy because even although it didn't cost too much, I didn't want to spend more on making the move. Relocating my vehicle was simple and I certainly would tell others to do the same, my broker was invaluable saving me both time and money." Posted by: Veronica S. - Chicago, IL  
"Auto transport was a savior to move my car when I graduated from law school last year. It was vital that I transported my car from Boston to Florida, where I was commencing a job. Of course, this was a busy time for me. I had just finished classes and had to be in Florida to pepare for my bar exam classes. I couldn't move my car myself as my schedule was too tight. I decided that I should use an auto transport company but since I had never done this before, I thought I should call around to get a feel for a reliable auto transport service to use. I found the auto transport staff were extremely helpful, with regards to what I needed to move my car. I agreed the price for auto transport and the dates to move my car were scheduled. Within the meantime, I arranged for payment, and prepared my car to the specifications I was given. A few days later, I was called and the collection date to move my car was confirmed. The auto transport company arrived at the scheduled time to move my car and loaded onto their truck. I was given a pre-inspection report prior to the auto transport commencing. By the time I arrived in Florida, my car was sitting waiting for me. I arrived relaxed and refreshed ready to start my job without having to move my car. Im so glad i chose to use a reliable auto transport company for my car moving needs." Posted by: Freddie W. - Orlando, FL  
"When I was relocating my car from Boston after college I investigated all the different possibilities so that I could make sure that I got the best possible solution for me and that I would get the most for the little money that I had, and that I wouldn't be inconvenienced. I was moving to San Francisco to start a corporate job and driving was not an option for relocating my car. For one, I didn't have enough time to make the move between ending my studies and starting my career. That was when I learned about auto shipping businesses that would do the job for me, so that I wouldn't have to worry about relocating my car myself. I was concerned about the cost of auto shipping, so I did some investigations and asked my parents if they could give me any advice. My father advised that his friends had used an auto shipping business previously, and that this would most likely be the best way for me relocating my car. I rang around some different businesses and got quotes to make the move and then I found a business that could provide the best service that I could afford for relocating my car and they were able to make the auto transport within the time frame that I required. Im pleased to say that the service that I received was excellent and my car arrived on time and in perfect condition. I would certainly recommend auto shipping as the best way for anyone to move their car." Posted by: Brandon A. - San Francisco, CA  
"I used a car relocation service when I got a new job in Chicago. My reason for needing the services of an auto transporter was that I wanted to take a break in between my career change and if I was to drive all the way from Miami up to Chicago, I simply wouldn't have had the time for my vacation. So I searched in local papers and found that there were lots of different car relocation companies that would be able to help me out, but as nice as their adverts were, I didn't know which one I could trust. So what I did was jump on the internet and found some reviews about different companies and hear other peoples experiences. I was pleased when I found out that there were some positive reviews and some others which warned me to stay away from companies that had given people bad experiences. I decided to use CarMoves, because lots of people were saying positive things about their car relocation service and since I hadn't used an auto transporter before, this was the only thing that I could use a basis for trust. I was really pleased with my experience. Their service was prompt and efficient and my car was delivered on time. I would certainly recommend them if anyone was looking for a car relocation service that is reasonably priced and provides good service, and will use them again if I ever need to move to any other part of the country." Posted by: Katrina O. - Chicago, IL  
"If you are like me, you probably never had to move a car before, and then you will probably be wondering where to start and who you call. Thats exactly what happened to me when I needed to move to start a new job and I wanted to take all my belongings with me. Moving furniture was easy, as there are many adverts for moving firms, but moving cars was different and so I found I had to do more research to find a good transport firm that would be able to help me safely move my car from one place to another. My dad was against me using moving firms, and he said he would drive for me, but we worked out that gas alone would cost over $2000, and then when he had to pay his airfare back to Charlotte, it just worked out to be too much. Whats more, I wasn't keen on him driving all that way just to move a car. So I called a transport firm and got a quote for the move and it was much less than the gas would have cost. I admit, my car drinks gas like it is soda, but I was still surprised how much cheaper moving cars with a firm would be. Before I committed to the move, I decided to look and see if it would have been cheaper to just sell my car and buy another one when I arrived, but I couldn't guarantee that I would be able to get a good enough price, and then be able to buy a car that was as reliable at the other end, so I decided that moving cars was definitely the best option for me. I was really happy with the moving firm that I used, they were friendly and professional and they looked after my car. I was apprehensive at first about whether they would be good enough, but I was really happy with what they did, so I would definitely recommend using professional firms for moving cars to anyone who needs this service. My car arrived safe and in one piece, and it saved me money and also my time. I would definitely use this service again without any hesitation and my family also know that if they need to move cars, this is the best thing to do." Posted by: Adam T. - Charlotte, NC  
"I recently graduated from college and it was time to make the big move to the city to start a new job. Luckily, I wasn't moving to New York, I was moving Los Angeles which of course meant that I would definitely need a car to get around. So for this reason, I decided to investigate using a auto shipping company to move my car because I didn't want to drive from Ohio State all the way to California. My parents were happy about my making this decision to use an auto shipping company because they didn't want me to be on the road by myself for such a long time, just in case I had a breakdown or ended up on roads that I was unfamiliar with. Its funny because even although I have been driving for 5 years, they still worry that I dont have enough experience for moving cars. It was good because at my college, there was a auto shipping firm who advertised their services to all the graduates, because this is turning out to be a really popular way of moving cars because so many of us travel such a long distance once we graduate and start our first job. I was really happy when I spoke to the auto shipping people on the phone, they were friendly and helpful and made sure that I got a good deal for my move. My car was collected from college and while I packed up my belongings and flew to LA, it was being transported to my new home." Posted by: Phillip G. - Los Angeles, CA  
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