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When hiring the services of an auto transport company, be sure to get the best price and best quality of service. You can do this by shopping at and comparing quotes from the best car shipping companies in the country. By employing car transport companies for your auto transport needs, you can arrange to have your vehicle collected from a specified location and delivered to whichever place you choose. That means if you buy a car in California and need to have it relocated to Florida, auto transport companies can take care of everything from start to finish. Of course, different types of car transport services will vary in cost and delivery time. In general, you will find that door to door car shipping is the most expensive service available, while delivering your vehicle to the auto transport company depot can greatly reduce the price.

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How to Compare Auto Transport Companies

Finding reliable vehicle shipping companies can be a difficult thing to do, especially if you are new to the world of car transport services and have never had to move a car. Contrary to what many people believe, car transport brokers can give you a better deal for your car transport needs than going direct to the auto transportation business. This is because many car transport brokers are able to get preferential auto transport rates for services to move a car and they can pass these savings onto their clients. You will find car transport brokers, like can offer you free auto shipping quotes for car transport services. You can get great rates on car shipping insurance as well as other services when auto shipping companies compete for your business. Get free auto transport quotes before deciding on which car transport company you want to use. Car transport companies have staff that are well trained are will be able to guide you towards making the right choice for shipping cars that you have. They are experienced and can make suggestions based on your needs. If you have any questions at all about car shipping services, you should ask before you make the reservation and before you pay any money. The auto transport company wants to make sure that you are happy with the service that they are providing and that you are comfortable with the relocation of vehicles that they are handling on your behalf.

Do Your Homework and Research Each Company

Car transport companies are the service you use when you need to relocate your vehicle to a different destination. Here are some tips about what you should be looking for when you ship a car.
  1. Know the company you are dealing with. Some businesses that pass themselves off as auto transport companies are just dealers, so find out the name of the business that will be moving your vehicle.
  2. Ask whether there will be a change of car shipping along the route, or whether your vehicles will remain on the same car transporter from start to finish.
  3. What will the auto shipping companies assurances regarding delivery be? Will they guarantee delivery on a specific date?
  4. What transporter options are available to ship a car? Do they provide open or closed auto transport carriers?
  5. What auto transport insurance is offered? Will your car be fully covered for the duration of the move?
  6. Are there any tracking services in place so you know your vehicles location at all times during the vehicle shipping process?
  7. What is the auto transport companies track record like? Do they have a high percentage of damage occurring?
  8. How long has the car shipping business been established and are they well known in the industry?
  9. Do they have good experience in safely being able to ship a car and have it arrive at its destination?
  10. Are there any recommendations from past customers who have used the car transport service? These are just some considerations you should take note of when you are looking at which auto transport company can best ship a car to your chosen destination.

Do Moving Companies Ship Cars?

Specialized moving companies that move cars offer a tailored auto shipping service for your requirements and you will find that they can be one of the cheapest way to ship your car. Be sure to fully investigate the service you are going to receive before deciding which moving company to hire. Also, ask about car shipping discounts if you are also moving household goods across the state, country or even internationally. Don't waste your time calling car carriers individually. Get free car shipping quotes from up to 7 auto transport companies and save up to 50% now!