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Car Transport Services

Car transport services are used to ship cars from state to state and overseas. Auto transport services offer a convenient way to get a vehicle from point A to B. If you need to move a car, consider the cost of gas, vehicle wear and tear and also the lost time while you drive the car to its destination. It's easy to then see why it's often more cost effective to use a car shipping service to make the move. A reliable car freight company will be able to collect your vehicle and deliver it directly to you, while you organize the whole process without having to leave home. Shipping a car is much easier when you allow someone else to manage it for you! Vehicle transport companies are fully bonded by insurance, and only use highly skilled drivers. The transporter will handle all the details of your shipment to make the move as stress-free as possible for you. The costs of auto shipping will vary based on the type of vehicle being shipped, the origin and the destination, as well as the type of service you choose. It's a good idea to compare multiple auto shipping quotes from auto transport companies in your area to ensure you're getting choosing the right service at the best price.

Shipping Methods: Car Transport Options

There are two distinct types of auto transport that are commonly used, and these are open trailer auto transport and enclosed trailer auto transport. Which service you decide to use to move a car will be your choice, and your auto transport company will be pleased to direct you to the ideal solution for your vehicle move. In general, enclosed trailer auto transport is used for more expensive or collectible vehicles, as it provides additional assurance that your vehicle will arrive at its destination in perfect condition.
  • ENCLOSED AUTO TRANSPORT Your vehicle will be transported on a completely enclosed trailer designed to transport classic automobiles, prototypes or vehicles that cannot be exposed to inclement weather. Typical transit times are quoted, A+ rated insurance provided at no additional cost.
  • OPEN CARRIER TRANSPORT Open carrier transport is the most popular car transport service available. Most people will use open trailer auto transport because it is a cost effective and timely service. This method of shipping offers less protection of your vehicle, but you save money by sharing the transport truck with many other vehicles.
  • TRAIN TRANSPORT Shipping a car by train can be a fast and effective method of auto transport. If you need to ship a vehicle long distance, train transport is one of the cheapest ways to go. Find out how you can ship cars by train and save hundreds of dollars in the process.
  • DOOR-TO-DOOR AUTO TRANSPORT Door-to-door auto transport is an expensive car transport option, but extremely convenient. The auto transport company will pick your car up at your home or business and deliver it directly to its destination, rather than a depot or port in the destination city.
  • TERMINAL-TO-TERMINAL AUTO TRANSPORT Terminal-to-terminal auto transport is a more common car transport service chosen by many consumers because it is less expensive. The car carrier will ship your vehicle from its depot in the origin city to its depot in the destination city.
  • CLASSIC CAR TRANSPORT If you are shipping a classic car, you may want to use an enclosed auto transport truck. Enclosed carrier transport is the safest way to ship a car and used by owners of expensive classic cars.
  • EXOTIC CAR TRANSPORT When shipping an exotic car, it's important to find a reliable car shipping company that will guarantee the safe delivery of your vehicle. As an exotic car is very expensive, you may want to pay a little extra to ensure your vehicle arrives damage-free.
  • VINTAGE CAR TRANSPORT Vintage, or antique cars can be shipped with extra care by many car transport companies in the U.S. and abroad. If you need to ship a vintage car, be sure to ask the car transporter what options are available to meet your needs.
DOMESTIC AUTO TRANSPORT Shop from the best domestic auto transport companies in the United States at We work with the most-trusted national auto transport companies to ensure you get the best car transport services at the lowest prices!
INTERNATIONAL AUTO TRANSPORT Do you need to ship a car overseas? Assistance is provided to customers who need to transport their vehicle(s) anywhere in the world. International auto transport services can be quite expensive, so be sure to compare multiple quotes from top carriers.
LONG DISTANCE AUTO TRANSPORT When shipping a car long distance, there are several options available to you. Many people will choose open carrier transport to reduce the car shipping cost. Learn more about the long distance auto transport services available in your area.
LOCAL AUTO TRANSPORT Local auto transport services are among the most common and most affordable car shipping services. When shipping a car state to state or even within the same state, you can find many companies to compare and save a great deal!
CORPORATE AUTO TRANSPORT Many corporations and small businesses require corporate auto transport services when relocating their business nationally or overseas. Compare business auto transport quotes from the best car shipping companies and save hundreds of dollars.
DIY AUTO TRANSPORT DIY auto transport is an option available to anyone. If you'd prefer to drive your car yourself, or tow it behind a Uhaul, for instance, that is your choice. However, you may find that hiring an auto transport company is cheaper, and much less stressful.
Choosing the Right Car Transport Service
Car shipping insurance is a good idea for anyone looking to ship their car, no matter how far. Find out how to get auto transport insurance for your move to insure your vehicle in the (rare) case of damage. Most carriers will offer some form of insurance coverage for your shipment. If they don't mention it, be sure to ask, as this is a vital part of the car shipping process.