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Malaysia International Shipping

Malaysia International Shipping
Population: 28,334,135 Currency: Ringgit (MYR) Largest City: Kuala Lumpur Learn more about how you can ship a car to Malaysia, as well as some of the characteristics regarding Malaysia's culture and landscape. Important Links: Malaysia's Government Malaysia Ministry of Tourism (MLIT) Royal Malaysia Customs Department

A Brief Description of Malaysia

Malaysia is a newly industrialized and fast-developing nation situated in southeast Asia. The country is the 67th largest in the world by land area, and boasts of one of the most stable economies in Asia. Malaysia has land borders with Indonesia, Thailand, and Brunei, while a narrow causeway separates it from Singapore. The country officially has a constitutionally elected monarchy with a king as the head of state. For most practical purposes, though, legislative power is split between a bicameral federal legislature and state legislatures. The country is comprised of three territories and 13 states. Its capital city is Kuala Lumpur, a modern metropolis of about 5.7 million people. Other major cities in Malaysia include Georgetown and Johor Bahru. Over the past four decades, Malaysia has been gradually transforming from a predominantly agrarian and mining economy to a more industrialized, multi-sector economy. Though exports of products like tin, palm oil and rubber continue to contribute heavily to Malaysia’s economy, the country’s manufacturing sector has begun to assert itself in a growing way in recent years. Malaysia has the distinction of being the only country in southeast Asia to manufacture its own domestically designed cars. In recent years, the Malaysian government has also been trying to increase tourism to the country in a bid to diversify its economy even further. Malaysia is already a major destination for medical tourists from around Asia and Europe. It is now on a campaign to become a regular tourist destination for travelers from around the world.

Shipping a Car to Malaysia

Importing a car to Malaysia from the U.S. or other countries can be an expensive proposition because of Malaysia’s very high customs duties and complicated import permit requirements. However, many Malaysia international shipping companies do offer services for those planning on shipping a car to Malaysia or shipping a car from Malaysia to the United States. Cars are typically transported in containers or on specialized car carriers known as Roll on Roll off vessels. Some shipping companies also offer a less-than-container-load, or loose cargo, option for customers who are on a budget. With this option, the car will be transported in a container along with cargo from other customers. The costs of car shipping to Malaysia in a container can range from $1,800 to $2,800, depending on the port of origin, the destination port and make of the vehicle. International shipping to Malaysia on a Roll on Roll off vessel is usually cheaper by a few hundred dollars. Customers importing a car into Malaysia should also expect to pay import duties that can sometimes be as high as 300 percent of the assessed value of the car. The shipping transit time between the two countries is usually two to three weeks for cars shipped to or from the U.S. East Coast.