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Vehicle Shipment Times: Pick Up & Delivery Schedule

Customer service reps often reflect that one of the most common car shipping questions they hear is what will be the time frame for auto transport, and if the vehicle can be tracked along the way to its destination. While the answer to this question might seem simple, considering that there are so many factors involved in the auto transport process, it is difficult for many transporters to predict when a car will finally arrive at its destination and if it will be tracked. When you first book a car transporter, the auto shipping company will research their schedules to discover which auto transport trucks will be in your area at the right time. Their destinations will also be researched to discover if they are going in the right direction for your move.

Track Your Vehicle During Transport

Car shippers may advertise vehicle tracking throughout shipment. However, when you move a car locally or just between one or two states, it is likely that you will not be able to get much data on the progress of your car shipment. This is simply because it is a relatively quick process and there is little information that the auto shipping company will be able to provide. Because your car is either listed as awaiting collection, in transit or delivered, most locally or domestic auto transport services will not provide this service. Long distance shipment tracking is a different matter. International and coast-to-coast auto shipping have many stages involved, so shipping companies are more likely to provide progress reports as your vehicle is transported. The majority of vehicles are fitted with satellite tracking, which means that they can monitor exactly where your car is on its shipment route. Of course, you wont want to call the car transport company every day to get updates for your auto shipment, which is why many car transport companies will also provide the service free via their website for your convenience. However, many smaller, mom-and-pop shippers may still lack adequate devices to track your shipment, so don't rely on vehicle tracking for every shipment.

Car Shipping Times & Factors

The auto shipping network is vast, and your vehicle will often spend time on two or more different car transporter trucks during the course of the move, depending on your starting point and the destination. This means that your vehicle may have to be dropped off at a centralized depot while it waits to be loaded on another car transporter going in the direction of your destination. As a result, your shipment may take longer than if your car was on a direct route.

Picking Up and Dropping Off Your Vehicle

When you are using a car transport company to relocate your vehicle, you may wonder whether you need to be there for pickup and delivery. Many auto transporters run on a tight schedule, so they will specify an approximate time to pick up your car. Depending on your schedule, this may or may not be a convenient time. It's important to know that when you are arranging your pick up and delivery times, it is necessary for someone to be available to pass the keys to the car transport driver and also to complete the inspection report. If you are not available to pick up the car, discuss with you car transport company whether it is possible to use a friend or neighbor to meet the driver. Most businesses will advise you that they are happy with this arrangement, but you need to be sure the person you have available is reliable or you may miss your collection time. In short, a car transport company will not be able to pick up your car unless there is someone there for them to meet. If you have any questions, talk to your car transport company who will be happy to help.

What Have You Learned?

Auto shipping companies will generally give you a window for delivery, which they will attempt to stick to. However, if your shipping destination is in a rural area, you may have to wait longer for your vehicle to be delivered. Not to mention, unforeseen incidents, such as transporter vehicle break-downs, inclement weather, and traffic jams, may further delay the delivery time of your auto transport service. If your vehicle is far behind schedule, don’t hesitate to contact a customer service representative from your auto shipping company immediately.

Car Shipping Delivery Time: Real Life Story

“When I first realized that I needed a car delivery service to move my vehicle, it was around two weeks before my scheduled move. Having been used to booking last minute flights and hotels online, I though that booking a car delivery would be much the same. Unfortunately I was wrong. When I eventually found a company that could move my vehicle in time, I realized that car delivery is quite a different service to other businesses that Id used before. The primary difference with booking a car delivery service is that their schedules are planned well in advance and spaces are limited. Unlike hotels and airlines, you may find that the service you choose to move your vehicle only passes through your town once a week. Of course, because I live in a large city, when I chose to move my vehicle, the car delivery service were unable to pickup immediately as my required dates conflicted with their schedule. Perhaps the best thing to realize is that calling a car delivery service as far in advance as possible is the best thing that you can do. Don think like me, that arranging to move my vehicle could be done at the last minute, because the truth is that if you arrange car delivery in advance you will be able to get a better price and the best service to suit your needs. Call a car delivery broker if your move is sooner rather than later and they will be able to get the best deal that will suit your needs.” Posted by: Maggie W. - Sioux Falls, MT