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Long Distance Auto Transport Services

Long distance auto transport is a popular service for both homeowners and businesses alike. You may have never heard of it - after all, when you move to a new house, you probably just drive your car. But what if your new home is in another state, across the country or even overseas? In these situations, the answer is simple - use a long distance auto transport company! Car transportation is the easiest way to move your car from one place to another. While some people might think of vehicle transport as simply hooking your car to a tow truck or moving it on a flat bed, in fact car shipping has come a long way. There are now many different car transport services available to suit your needs.

Long Distance Auto Transport Options

For example, if your car is particularly valuable (classic car or exotic car), you might want to look at using an enclosed auto transport trailer, which is will offer more protection for your expensive vehicle. It's like shipping your car in a large truck similar to how race cars are transported across the country. These trucks are specially designed to get your car safely from point A to B, with no damage to your precious automobile. Long distance car transport companies are extremely careful with your vehicle. They know its value and will inspect the vehicle on arrival to ensure that no damage has occurred. If you opt to have your car shipped on an open multi-deck trailer the long distance car shipping company will take the same amount of care to ensure that your vehicle is well looked after. Next time you need to ship your car, find a long distance auto transport service to relieve stress and make the whole process much easier. You can compare free auto transport quotes from multiple long distance auto transport companies at and save up to 50%!

Long Distance Car Shipping: Real Life Story

"Auto transport was the last thing on my mind when I was told that my job was being relocated from Philadelphia to San Francisco for six months. I was so consumed with anxiety over the move that I didn't stop to even think about car delivery for my company car. Luckily, when everything had settled down and I expressed my concerns about driving my company car over such a long distance, I was told that car delivery could be arranged through an auto transport company my business had previously used for company cars. It was a huge relief to know that a car delivery company would take care of my auto transport and I wouldn't have to drive the whole journey. When I called the auto transport company to arrange car delivery for my company car, they explained that the car would be collected from my home and delivered to my new rental property. I was quite surprised at just how easy the car delivery company made the whole process. On the day of collection, the auto transport representative turned up and inspected my company car. He checked for damage and explained what he was doing ensured that I was properly insured. My company car was loaded onto the auto transport truck and it trundled down the road. I next saw my company car when the car delivery people pulled into the driveway of my new home to unload my vehicle. The whole car delivery process was so simple and stress free, I will certainly use an auto transport company for the return journey in a few months time." Posted by: Carla F. - Philadelphia, PA