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Exotic Auto Transport Services

A very popular way to get your exotic car to all the leading car shows around the USA is to use an exotic auto transport service. There are many car enthusiasts throughout the country who regularly transport their vehicles to be displayed at top auto shows and using a car shipping company is a popular way of relocating the vehicles without having to risk damage by driving across state highways. In fact, there are even shipping companies that specialize in exotic car transport, having the correct equipment and experience to ensure that the vehicle will arrive at its destination in pristine condition, and that the owners will be very satisfied with the level of service they receive. Of course, exotic car transport is more expensive than traditional auto transport services for regular vehicles, due to the time and care that is taken when handling the automobile. In general, when you are shipping an exotic car, you will also find that an enclosed trailer is used, which holds fewer vehicles, and therefore adds to the car shipping cost. Since many expensive automobiles, especially antiques or exotic cars, are not driven on a daily basis, they are usually shipped to new locations rather than driven. Regular open trailers shouldn't be used for exotic car transports, as they can expose them to all kinds of elements and weather-related wear and tear. Enclosed trailers offer much more protection and provide the peace of mind you need when it comes to your unique and irreplaceable vehicle. In saying that, this is still a very reasonably priced way to move your vehicle to your chosen destination. It often costs less than the equivalent in gas, and when you are talking about keeping your investment in tip top condition, it's almost required that you pay for top quality car transport services. To find a company that can perform this sort of move for you, check online for reliable auto transport carriers. Handing over your car keys to a complete stranger to ship your car to a new location can be a little nerve-wracking. Most people view their cars as one of their most prized possessions. And what if your car is an irreplaceable antique or exotic automobile? Get free exotic auto transport quotes now and save!

Exotic Car Shipping: Real Life Story

"My husband is the proud owner of a 1932 Ford Coupe, but he recently decided to sell it and so we needed to find a car moving company as the buyer was located interstate. We called various friends who are also car enthusiasts to see if they had any specific advice that we could use to best move our car, and whether we should use a trailer as a form of do it yourself move, or if there was another option. Our main issue was the cost of gas. Because the buyer was interstate, it would cost a small fortune to drive the car there on a trailer and then have to drove all the way home again, and many of the companies that we contacted were asking for more than $2,000 to move our car. Of course, this was too much and so we eventually were put onto a car moving company that specialized in moving vehicles all over the country and had experience moving classic and collector cars. Its important to remember that my husband is pedantic about this vehicle, as he built it from the ground up, and even although he was selling it, he needed to make sure that everything was just find and no ordinary car moving company would do. The company that we used arrange a tilt tray truck to come and collect the car from our home before, it was driven to a central deport to be loaded onto an interstate car transport trailer. It would take three days for the car to be moved to its new location, and the car carrier would tell us if there was anything that they needed to know while they move our car. Im glad to say that everything went off without a hitch. The car was loaded onto the interstate trailer and the car moving company got it to its destination on time. It arrived in perfect condition and the new owner was very happy. This was the first time that we had ever used a car moving company for anything like this, so Im pleased that they were professional when moving our car. I couldn't have been happier that it all got there on time and we were able to make the exchange with the buyer as agreed. In the future, I certainly wouldn't hesitate to use a car moving service for anything else that we may need." Posted by: Sandy B. - Lincoln, NE