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Enclosed Auto Transport Service

For people who own expensive automobiles or classics, shipping them via enclosed auto transport trucks is usually the best option. If you havent used car transport services before, then of course there are some things that you will need to know. One of the major points is that there are different kinds of transport available and the cost can vary depending on what you elect to choose. For example, an enclosed car transport trailer is generally more expensive than an open trailer, but if you have an expensive collector car, that might be exactly what you need.

Why Use an Enclosed Trailer for Shipping

Enclosed trailers provide an added level of security, as well as offering protection from natural and man-made elements. At, we work with the largest, most-trusted car shipping companies, who have decades of experience to handle even the most priceless of automobiles. One of the biggest reasons that people opt for an enclosed option is that their vehicle is protected from nature, and that means some of the most simple things such as UV rays, that can damage the paint on your vehicle, particularly if you have a custom paint job. This is often one of the major reasons that people opt to use a car carrier, and so if you can protect from the weather, you may want to use that option. Much like this, people choose enclosed auto transport to protect their vehicle from dust that gets onto and also inside their vehicle and can be difficult to clean. When you consider that a car carrier can protect your vehicle from this, as it is effectively a garage on wheels, then you wont have the difficulty of trying to remove dirt from hard places. In addition, when you used enclosed auto transport, your car is protected from debris and road grime. That means that all those little rocks that can cause chips on the paint and glass cant happen. If your exotic car is at risk of damage, then a car carrier can aid to stop this. Lastly, you may be someone who doesn't want the world to see your exotic car. Just because you own this great vehicle doesn't mean that you want people to see it being transported across the country. An enclosed trailer means that your car can be moved privately, without the risk of anyone seeing it and have the opportunity to cause damage.

How Enclosed Auto Shipping Works

Most people imagine car shipping involves vehicles being loaded onto a multi-deck trailer, and many don't know enclosed auto transport exists. An enclosed trailer looks just like a regular truck trailer, but the inside is specially fitted to tie down vehicles to ensure that they remain steady during the move. Shipping cars with enclosed car transport trailers may be conducted with hard sided, or soft sided, enclosures, and like an open transport trailer, it is possible for the vehicles to be moved individually, or multiple vehicles can be shipped together. These of course are other factors that can affect the price.

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At, we understand that your car should be treated as if you were driving it yourself. You can get full-coverage liability car shipping insurance and a guaranteed timely delivery. We pride ourselves on our reputation, and since we have many repeat customers, we know that they value it also. If you're thinking about shipping your car, contact us to find out how you can move your car with the least amount of hassle and the greatest amount of expertise. Get an enclosed auto transport quote now and save!