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Auto Transport Contracts

An car shipping company, like any business, will provide an auto transport contract to customers. If you hire an auto transport company to relocate a vehicle, it is imperative that you get a written contract, noting the car transport service you are buying. This will protect you in the event that anything should happen to your vehicle during shipment. It's quite likely that the auto shipper will not be able to give you precise delivery times for your vehicle, but the contract should certainly contain details of an estimated arrival date and length of time it will take to relocate a vehicle. An auto shipping company may provide quite a lengthy written contract containing a large number of clauses pertaining to details of the car shipment. Of course, most people do not read all the fine print in these contracts, so that is where using the services of a broker to relocate a vehicle can be useful, as they will ensure that everything is in order for your auto transport. Written car shipping contracts may also be received in the form of an email or fax, and the auto shipper will advise you what method they will use to send your document. Its important when relocating a vehicle, that you ensure you receive a signed copy of the paperwork, as this covers you in the event any damage should occur during transport. Be sure to ask your auto shipping company any car shipping questions you may have about their auto transport contract.