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Miami Auto Transport Companies & Services

Miami auto transport services are a very popular, and there are many car shipping companies throughout Florida that you can choose from. For years, there have been jokes about the elderly retiring in Florida, but now with so many people moving to Miami because of work, it is becoming more important for them to be able to find ways to move a car easily and quickly, and of course getting the best car shipping rates possible. If you are one of the many people with a home in Miami and a second home elsewhere, then using an Miami auto transport company to get your vehicle from one place to another can be a very useful service to have. That's why many people in this situation are looking for great Miami car transport services to move a car conveniently to wherever they are going to be living. You ay not have thought that this would be the most cost effective solution, but when you now consider the cost of gas, then you can see why more and more people are hiring Miami car shipping companies to help them make the move.

Shipping a Car to Miami: A Real Life Story

Annie, who has a home in South Beach, is a Miami resident who says that using an auto transport company has made her life much easier. "My neighbor was going to visit the Grand Canyon, and told me that instead of driving all that way, she was flying to Flagstaff and has arranged to move a car that she would collect when she arrived. Her trip was two months long and the cost savings against car rental was enormous. When we were in the position that we wanted to go to our house in Vail for the winter, we decided to investigate whether auto transport would work for us." She continues, "The company I called explained everything I would need to know to move a car, and gave me the cost over the phone. We would be without a vehicle for 3 days during the transport, but that wasn't an issue as we mainly walk to everything we need in South Beach. That was five years ago, and each winter when we go to our apartment in Vail, I use the same auto transport company. It makes our lives easier and we save money, I couldn't be happier." Posted by: Annie F. - South Beach, FL