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DIY Transport: Is it Worth It?

Many people wonder whether DIY transport is a better option than hiring an auto transport company. Price is certainly one of the biggest deciding factors for most consumers. Of course, many people will choose the cheapest option, but the truth is, transporting your own car can actually cost you much more money. It's important to consider the cost of gas and the wear and tear on your vehicle.

DIY Transport Is Expensive

As is often the case, about half way through the trip, people realize they have spent a considerable amount of money due on car repairs and maintenance, such as a punctured tire or engine problems. In addition, you will also spend a great deal of money on hotels, food and unexpected expenses. Hiring the services of a professional car shipping company can save you a great deal of money, as car shipping rates are extremely affordable. The great thing about hiring someone else to make your move is that you don't have to pay for gas, and you don't have to worry about your vehicle being damaged. Whats more, you wont have to make that long journey yourself, as you can simply jump on a flight and arrive at your destination in comfort. Therefore, you will save a great deal of time, money and hassle.

Real Life DIY Transport Experience

The way the world economy currently is, you can understand why so many people are looking to save money and some people believe that when they are moving house or office the cheapest way to do this is to do a DIY move. But did you ever consider that a do it yourself move is often more expensive than using a professional auto shipping company? You might be thinking that it's easier and cheaper to make the move yourself, but professionals are often more capable than you can ever be, which means they not only save time, but also money. It doesn't matter if you are moving furniture or moving a vehicle, DIY shipping isn't always the way to go. Let's take an example of a friend of mine who was moving to Las Vegas from San Bernadino after she got married, and she decided to take her furniture in a DIY moving truck and tow her car behind her along the freeway. Sadly, the tow bar on her truck broke and her car went off an embankment. While she was insured, she couldn't replace the beloved vehicle she had, not to mention the mess that was made because of the move. Now, looking back, she says that she wished she had hired a professional auto transporter to take care of everything and would have arrived in her new life a whole lot happier. Did I mention that when her sister was moving a vehicle over the same distance, it actually cost less to use a transport company than the cost of the gas to drive? You can imagine how great she felt stepping off her flight at McCarran Airport and realizing that her whole life was being unpacked without her having to lift a finger. While the misconception is that it can be expensive using car transport services, the truth is, they can save you enormous amounts of time and money, not to mention their professional service ensures your belongings and vehicle will arrive safely at their destination. Next time you need to make a move of any kind, it can pay to make sure that you investigate all the options, as a DIY move isn't always cheapest.