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Vintage Auto Transport Services

If you are lucky enough to be the owner of a vintage Mustang, '57 Chevy or Corvette, you'll know that one of the most important things to have is a good vintage auto transport company who can make sure that your pride and joy arrives safely at the biggest shows in the country, as well as the local state fairs where your vehicle will be on display. When deciding how to move your vintage automobile, you will want to compare multiple companies to find the level of service you expect, at a reasonable car shipping rate. This is where you can help yourself by contacting a trustworthy car transport company with experience in moving all types of vehicles and who understands the specialized care that is required when shipping vintage vehicles. After all, when you spend so much time ensuring that your car is kept in pristine condition, you expect that the people you entrust to move it will also take great care in its transport. When you contact car transport companies, especially if you are talking with a business that you have not previously used, you should ask them about their experience with shipping vintage cars and the type of equipment they will use to move your vehicle. Generally, most vintage enthusiasts select an enclosed auto transport trailer, as they dont want their vehicle to get any stone chips from road grime during the car shipping process. However, if you have an unrestored vintage car, you might be just as happy to use an open transport trailer that won't put too much strain on the engine. When using a vintage car shipping service, you want to be sure you're using a reputable company. You don't want to arrive at the show and find that your beautiful vintage car has been damaged due to an unreliable car shipping company not properly looking after it during the move. Therefore, if you can find an auto shipping business that has experience and testimonials from happy customers who have used their vintage car transport services, it's a good idea to get an auto shipping quote from them for the move that you are wanting to make. It's likely that you will find their costs for moving cars to be competitive and you will be happy knowing that your car is in safe hands. You can get up to 7 free vintage auto transport quotes here instantly. Get started now!

Vintage Car Shipping: Real Life Stories

"Auto shipping can be a daunting service to use if you are worried about who will be driving your car during the moving process. To put your mind at ease, I will describe my own experience when I had to move my car and this was one of my concerns. My car is a 1966 Mustang which belonged to my father and has much sentimental value. When I had to move my car for work, I unfortunately didn't have the time to drive myself and so hired the services of an auto shipping company. My main concern was that damage would occur to my vehicle. I was advised of the different types of auto shipping, on a car transport truck, driving or on an enclosed hot rod. I chose to move my car on a car transport truck. When the auto shipping truck arrived to collect my car, I was surprised to find that no driving was required. The car was winched onto the trailer with the other cars being moved. The driver told me that no one would drive my car unless it needed to be held at a storage yard. This made me so glad that I chose this option to move my car. At the destination, I my car was rolled off the auto transport trailer and into the street. I couldn't have been happier with the whole experience that happened when I needed to move my car, and I would certainly use an auto shipping company in the future." Posted by: Daniel C. - Seattle, WA  
"I own a vintage custom hot rod, and every time I take it to a car show I need to find a good car shipping company to move my car. The reason for this is that if I drive my car on the road, I will inevitably get stone chips and other damage happening to my car and of course this is a bad situation when you have a valuable vehicle which must stay in pristine show condition. Custom car shipping can be a stressful thing to have to do, which is why when I finally should a company to move my car I stuck with them because their service was great and I could trust them to move my car without any big worry and knowing that it would arrive at its destination safely. Whats more, I found that using this sort of moving service was far less expensive than I ever could have imagined. In fact, it cost less to use a car shipping service than it would have cost me in gas for my car. It was strange, because some companies that I spoke to, as soon as I mentioned that I was shipping a custom car, they said that the price would be much more expensive, I think simply because the assumed I had a lot of money to spend because of owning a vintage vehicle. Im vehicle happy with the car shipping company that I use to move my car and would certainly recommend them to others who are in the same situation." Posted by: Daniel C. - Boise, ID