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How to Ship a Car

Are you one of the many people who is investigating how to ship a car? Maybe you have been looking at buying a vehicle online, and are now wondering about the best possible way to move it from one place to another. You are not alone in this task, and, while many people take the harder route of driving or flying to collect their new vehicle, you can take all the stress out of buying a car online from another state by using the services of an auto transport company.

Hiring an Auto Transport Broker vs. Arranging for Shipment Yourself

Using a transport broker means that you are allowing someone else to organize the movement of your vehicle from one place to another. Not only will they find the best price and company to ship a car to your location, they will also arrange all the collection and drop off with the seller according to your instructions. This means that buying a car online has never been so easy. One of the things that puts people off most about using a car shipping service is that they think they have to spend a lot of time calling around obtaining quotes and trying to make heads and tails out of the jargon that is being given to them. There are many insider tricks that it is wise to know when moving a vehicle, and, by using a broker who already works in the industry, you can avoid a lot of headaches. One of the hardest facts of learning how to ship a car is finding an auto transport company that operates in both the shipping origin and destination. By using a broker who has access to a national network of shippers, you no longer have to worry about this being an issue, as they will do all the leg work to ship a car on your behalf. Without using a broker, to ship a car you will need to find a company that can make the move between the two shipping locations, has availability around the time that you want to make the move, and will provide you the service at a price you are happy with. In addition, you need to read the auto transport contract and ensure that you are fully insured when they are making the move.

Shipping Options

Make sure that the transporter you choose has all the car shipping options you need available. Depending on your situation, enclosed auto transport may be necessary if you are shipping an expensive or antique vehicle. For cheaper shipping, choose open carriers. Door-to-door shipping is more convenient than using auto transport terminals, but some situations may necessitate their use. Regardless of whether you use a broker or book a transport yourself, know that all car shipping insurance is not the same. Though the government mandates that all carriers obtain a certain level of insurance, your vehicle may not be covered under all circumstances with the most basic coverage. For instance, acts of God, such as extreme weather that damages your vehicle, are generally not covered by a transporter's insurance. Therefore, it is wise to purchase additional insurance for your car before shipping it.

Planning Your Move

Always plan ahead when shipping a car. It may take several weeks to find an auto transporter willing to ship your car or truck. If you plan to ship a car state to state, it may take another week or ten days from pick-up to be delivered. While many transporters use satellite tracking to update the status of your shipment, smaller transporters may not have such expensive technology available. Make arrangements to be without your vehicle for up to three weeks during shipping. International car shipping requires even further planning. Not only do you need to ship your car to an international shipping port if you don't happen to live near one, but you also have to arrange shipment on a freight ship. Brokers come in handy here, as they can combine the services at a discount. Their knowledge regarding the necessary paperwork can also prevent hours of research and completing forms on your part. For additional questions, consult your shipping company's customer service representatives. Most companies have helpful staff available to answer your auto transport questions about how to ship a car seven days a week.