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Buying Classic Cars Online

Classic cars come in a variety of conditions and are owned by people all over the country, buying the exact classic car you’ve been wanting can involve a challenging search followed by a number of decisions that need to be made in order to transport your car from its old home to its new one. The internet is a fantastic resource for those who want to get involved in buying classic cars, since it allows current classic car owners to post images and details of their cars for viewing by as many people as possible, ultimately enabling them to resell the car to a buyer who might not otherwise have known about the sale. Buying classic cars online opens up the options available to the buyer, but it comes with its own set of challenges. A big decision to make is whether to buy a classic car in running order, or if you’d prefer to purchase a car which no longer runs for the enjoyment and experience of getting it moving again. If you decide to purchase a car in running order, then as tempting as the desire to bring it home might be, you should resist - unless your classic has been kept in ideal conditions by its previous owner, it’s advisable to get it home and have a good look at its condition before you subject it to long distance journeys. We would advise using a professional car shipping company to move your car from the site where it is purchased to its new home. Whether you take a trip to visit and inspect your car before purchasing it or not, by hiring car transport professionals you'll be able to have confidence that your classic car is being treated well on its journey, and feel secure about maintaining its condition from the time you purchase it through to its eventual arrival at your location. When shipping a classic car you have purchased online, it’s important to have clear documentation of the car’s condition; including photographs and written statements a digital camera can be a great resource for gathering photos of your classic car, since you can instantly take a number of images and save them for later use. Digital photographs are easily distributable should an insurance claim arrive, and cameras are cheap enough that if you don’t own one already, purchasing a basic model for documentation use should be a priority. After conducting a pickup inspection with the representative from your auto transport company, you can return home with the knowledge that your vehicle is being well looked after during its journey. Once your new classic car has made its trip, you will meet again with the representative from the auto transport company and conduct another inspection of your car. You will be able to take this opportunity to look for dings and scratches in the paint, dents in the body, and other issues which may not be readily available. After this inspection is complete, you can sign the paperwork and enjoy your new classic car! To get your car started on its journey to your home, fill out the short form above and get your free car shipping quotes now!